A plea for breastfeeding: 6 good reasons

mother breastfeeding her baby

If you are still a little unsure about breastfeeding, here we have 6 great reasons why breastfeeding may be perfect for you 😍

1) When you breastfeed, you can be 100% sure that your baby is getting exactly the nutrition it needs.

Breast milk is tailored to your baby’s nutritional needs and contains all the important nutrients in the right type and amount. It is easy to digest and adapts to your baby’s changing needs as it develops.

2) Breast milk protects your baby.

It contains special defensive and protective substances that protect your child from illnesses, e.g. diarrhea and middle ear infections

3) Breastfeeding is easy.

Breast milk is available anytime and anywhere, is always at the right temperature and is hygienically impeccable. No annoying bottle to warm up and temperature to check.

4) Breastfeeding saves money.

Unlike formula, breast milk is free.

5) Breastfeeding gives you the most intimate bond with your baby.

Especially at the very beginning of its life, when your baby still needs particularly close physical contact, it experiences your warmth and closeness when breastfeeding, and can feel safe and secure. This helps you to get to know each other 😊 and makes your relationship even more intense. Many mums also find moments of deep happiness when breastfeeding, which help them to deal with the often exhausting exertions of the first few months more easily.

6) Breastfeeding promotes maternal health.

Breastfeeding mothers experience faster uterine involution after childbirth and have been shown to be less likely to develop breast and ovarian cancer. Quite a few also find that it has helped them quickly regain their pre-baby body shape.

To those of you who cannot breastfeed even though they would love to

Please don’t be sad. Remember that the beautiful feelings of closeness, intimacy, and security that are experienced with quiet breastfeeding can also develop when the baby is bottle-fed. When feeding, make sure that you bring about the same intimate situation: look at your baby lovingly, speak softly to it, gently stroke it and, if possible, even allow some direct skin contact ❀

About the author

Dr. rer. nat. Birgit Wogatzky

For many years now, biologist and nutritionist Dr Birgit Wogatzky, has been focusing on the special needs of fertility patients. For the readers of this blog, she sums up interesting novel information and developments from current research projects regarding lifestyle and nutrition of fertility patients.