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Teamwork is key on your fertility journey

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Hello, amazing fertility warriors! 🌟👫

While you are used to me telling you about the latest scientific data, about lifestyle, and diet, and their impact on your fertility, today there is something else I want to share with you.

I see time and time again how distressing a fertility journey can be, and what a challenge it can be not only for each of you individually, but also for you as a couple. So please forgive me if today I make a plea for teamwork on this journey.

First of all, kudos to you both for embarking on this endeavour together. It takes a lot of courage and you are already demonstrating incredible strength. To keep it that way, it is incredibly important that you experience, discuss and process important steps along the way as a team.

Only as a team you will have:

Shoulders to lean on: When the road gets bumpy, and there is a fair chance it will, mutual support is like a superpower. Dealing with infertility problems can be emotionally draining. If you stick together, you can handle the ups and downs better. You can be each other’s rock. Also, don’t hesitate to seek support from friends, family or support groups.

Mutual understanding: You are in this boat together, navigating the same waters. This shared experience can create a deeper understanding and empathy for each other’s feelings and challenges.

Help with difficult decisions: Fertility treatments, with all the decisions they require, can be quite overwhelming. As a team, you can discuss options, take decisions together and support each other. And what if you can’t agree at all?  Keep the channels of communication open. Share your thoughts, fears and hopes. This will keep you connected to each other.

Do not forget life

Infertility treatment can make many other things in life take a back seat. More often than one would like, such a journey can turn into a marathon instead of the planned sprint. In that case, it is important to take time out and find oases of peace, but don’t forget the value of togetherness.

Celebrate together: Celebrate every small victory, every positive test and also spend every “not this time” moment together.

Take breaks together: Infertility treatments can be exhausting. Don’t forget to take breaks as a couple. Enjoy life outside the fertility clinic and the ovulation calendar. You both remain unique and valuable each for yourselves and also as a couple – don’t let yourself and your life be defined by your desire to have children.

Laugh together: Find moments of joy and humour on this journey. Life is often neither easy nor fair – laughter can be incredibly healing and bonding. Be patient with each other and stay positive.

And above all: love ❤

Even in the dark moments, keep reminding yourself that love was at the beginning of your journey: love for each other, to be complemented by starting a family and by love for your child. Sometimes you may feel strangers to each other, because each person handles the emotions of fertility treatment  very differently. Then, please don’t stop holding hands and talking to each other again and again. ❤️

About the author

Dr. rer. nat. Birgit Wogatzky

For many years now, biologist and nutritionist Dr Birgit Wogatzky, has been focusing on the special needs of fertility patients. For the readers of this blog, she sums up interesting novel information and developments from current research projects regarding lifestyle and nutrition of fertility patients.