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The Desire for Children

An increasing number of people experience difficulties to achieve pregnancy as planned. In industrial countries such as Germany, Austria, or the USA, one in ten couples is unable to conceive and this tendency is on the rise.
Reasons for Fertility Issues
A variety of reasons has been assigned to fertility problems. Advanced age, medical issues, as well as environmental factors, jeopardize conception. In addition to that certain lifestyle choices can impair male and female fertility as well.
Lifestyle Factors with a Negative Impact on Fertility Include:
– persistent stress
– unhealthy BMI (body mass index)
– lack of exercise
– unhealthy workplace conditions
– smoking and high coffee intake
– alcohol and / or drugs
– dietary deficiencies
Dietary Deficiencies
It can sometimes be difficult to supply the body with all the nutrients needed. Everyday life has become full of stress, and often we find it hard to stick to a healthy diet. This puts a substantial strain on our bodies.
The Consequences
Effects are visible where we are particularly sensitive – including our oocytes and sperms. Sperm counts decline, morphology and motility of sperms is impaired as well. Oocytes “miss” ovulation and even sexual performance may be affected. This and other detrimental consequences of malnutrition have been the topic of intensive research. In the US, scientists evaluating data from the Nurses’ Health Study, found overwhelming evidence for the impact of nutrition on a person’s fertility.
So What Can You Do?
Experts recommend to start preparing your body well before pregnancy.
Yet male and female bodies are quite different.
Whereas women are born with their oocytes and thus the oocytes start aging from the time of a woman’s birth, sperms develop all the time with a complete developmental cycle taking approximately three months.
Three Important Months
Consequently a man should reconsider his lifestyle choices and diet at least about three months prior to pregnancy or fertility treatment. In addition to generally eating healthily and avoiding harmful substances he can support the development of spermatozoa by taking Fertilovit®Mplus twice a day.
What About Women?
Luckily, according to most surveys, women generally tend to eat more healthily than men. Every leaf of lettuce, every vegetable, indeed every vitamin you ever ate has left its footprints on your body and on your oocytes, too. Unfortunately the same is true for every cigarette you smoked, every stressful situation and each and every glass of champagne. Therefore it does make sense to get your body in best shape for conception. Fertilovit® F supplements have specifically been formulated for women who want to conceive and provide complete preconceptional supply. A range of different products ensures that you can choose dietetic support tailored to meet your individual needs.
How does Fertilovit® work?
The mechanism of action of the various ingredients of Fertilovit® is complex. In addition to delivering essential nutrients and supporting enzymatic function it contains ample antioxidants to safeguard the body from oxidative stress.
Oxidative Stress
Oxidative stress can be caused by a number of different factors such as environmental pollution, radiation, stress and malnutrition. It manifests as a situation in which there are more ROS (reactive oxygen species) than can be handled by your body’s intrinsic antioxidant defense systems.
Without sufficient antioxidative protection these ROS inflict damage on the body’s cells. The oocytes and spermatozoa unfortunately are particularly susceptible to attacks by reactive oxygen species.
Oxidative Stress Impairs Sperms
Oxidative stress can cause male fertility problems in various ways. Research has proven that it is involved in reduction of sperm number as well as sperm motility. Furthermore it has been shown to be responsible for severe sperm DNA defects and impairment of the fusion of egg and sperm (fertilization).
ROS Diminish Female Fertility
Many female fertility issues can be assigned to the detrimental effects of ROS action as well. Even the normal age-related decline of fertility has been linked to oxidative stress by a number of scientists.
The Body’s Own Antioxidants
Under normal conditions our body has a number of defense mechanisms, collectively called antioxidants. However, especially in times of strain, they may not be there in sufficient number. Stress, smoking or unhealthy eating habits can impair the natural protective system.
Antioxidant Protection 24/7
Yet please do not make the mistake of taking any supplement that says “antioxidant” on its box. Sometimes taking too much may even jeopardize fertility. Only a specific supplement will have the effect desired.

Fertilovit® has been specifically formulated and tested for the dietetic management of nutrition-related fertility problems. Because reactive oxygen species are aggressive round the clock, Fertilovit® works round the clock, too. Being the first product on the market that contains antioxidants with long-term effect, it gives men and women who wish to conceive the good feeling of knowing that their sperms and oocytes are protected twenty-four-seven.

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