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Diabetes and wanting to be a father? Antioxidants are your new best friend!

Diabetes may impair male fertility by increasing oxidative stress and altering hormonal balance

Every day, our body is exposed to attacks by reactive oxygen species (ROS). It’ s good we don’t realize this, because this means everything is the way it should be and our body’s own antioxidative system quenches oxidative attacks before we notice anything has happened.
However, if the delicate balance between harmful ROS and protective antioxidants collapses, oxidative stress may occur. This can lead to major cellular and tissue damage.
There are many reasons for oxidative stress: bad nutrition, pollution and other harmful influences, and also a number of diseases. One of them is Diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes and oxidative stress

The increase in blood sugar levels in this disease leads to a pathologically increased metabolism. The problem: studies show that as a side effect of increased metabolism, huge amounts of ROS are produced. They can damage molecules, cells and tissues in the vicinity. A variety of disease complications have been attributed to the increase in oxidative stress.

Diabetes and male fertility

Particularly important for male diabetes patients who want to become a father: fertility can be impaired as well. Chinese researchers summarize the current knowledge in a review article that has been published in spring 2017:
In testes of diabetes patients, oxidative stress is elevated and can impair testicular function significantly: patients affected not only have visible tissue alterations, hormonal regulation is altered as well. Endocrine disbalance as well as reactive oxygen species themselves hamper spermatogenesis. The result is a decreased number of healthy spermatozoa, that are capable of fertilizing an ovum in ejaculate. For a couple trying for pregnancy this may mean that the time to pregnancy is markedly prolonged, often medical assistance will be required to achieve conception.

How to improve male fertility when you have Diabetes

The good news: concealed in these results there is also a big chance: The researchers emphasize that supplementing precious antioxidants can counterbalance these effects and contribute to maintenance of male fertility in diabetes patients.
Therefore, patients affected by diabetes are advised to make sure they stick to healthy eating habits with a diet rich in precious antioxidants.

To be on the safe side, patients can further support healthy spermatogenesis by using a specifically developed and study-tested antioxidant products, e.g. Fertilovit® Mplus.
By taking one vegetarian capsule in the morning and one in the evening for 3 months you can make sure, you spermatozoa re well supplied. Handy: Due to coating procedures and use of precursors, antioxidants are delivered to the body with sustained release and the body can benefit from protection against oxidative stress 24/7.


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