Endometriosis pain relief tips

woman suffering from endometriosis pain

Most women with endometriosis suffer from severe pain (not only) before or during their menstrual period. Today I would like to introduce you to a few natural methods that can help alleviate it.


Natural methods to reduce endometriosis pain


Stress-relieving activities:

Prolonged stress can unbalance hormones, which can contribute to increased pain. With yoga or breathing exercises you can reduce stress so that you feel better and happier.



is a tried and tested Chinese method that can also be very helpful for many endometriosis patients when it comes to pain.



Many patients find a warm compress (I like cherry pit pillows best) on the painful area helpful. It relaxes the muscles and makes the pain more bearable.



Studies show that a good supply of antioxidants may gently alleviate pain from within. Good sources of antioxidants are vegetables, fruits and nuts. Many patients opt for supplements, too. The powerful antioxidant N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is particularly well examined with respect to its effects on endometriosis.



Magnesium helps to reduce painful cramps. The need for magnesium is increased in endometriosis. Grain products (whole grain products), nuts and oilseeds, cocoa, legumes, green vegetables and dried fruits are particularly good sources of magnesium.



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