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Subfertile men benefit from antioxidant supplementation – long-term approach is key!

Fertilovit® Mplus is the only antioxidant preparation available that features a long-term approach to tackling oxidative stress in subfertile men. It is partly coating, partly use of precursors to boost endogenous antioxidant synthesis, that contribute to this effect:

Fertilovit® products are typically encapsulated in vegetarian HPMC capsules. Hydroxy propyl-methylcellulose (HPMC) is a first choice hydrophilic matrix system, providing a powerful mechanism for controlled release of components. Water soluble vitamin C is covered by additional coating for sustained release.

Fertilovit® Mplus uses precursors to boost endogenous synthesis for increased bioavailability and long-term effect. N-acetyl-L-cysteine is used as a precursor for endogenous glutathione synthesis. Another precursor is L-citrulline. This amino acid allows for increase of endogenous production of L-arginine, which has very limited bioavailability when given orally. It is needed for healthy sperm function, perfusion of the male reproductive system, and normal erectile function.

Daily dosage
The daily dosage of Fertilovit® Mplus has been divided into two capsules, one of which is to be taken in the morning and another one in the evening. This is another way to make sure that a steady level of antioxidant protection is present 24/7.

Study-proven efficacy

Studies show: taking the patent-protected preparation Fertilovit® Mplus for 3 months can significantly improve semen parameters. And this is not only true for WHO parameters of semen analysis (such as sperm count, motility and morphology), but also for sperm head vacuolization as determined by motile sperm organelle morphology examination (MSOME).

Best results for OAT-patients

In particular men with strong impairment of semen quality, such as idiopathic oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (OAT) benefit notably: studies show that supplementation with Fertilovit® Mplus can increase the percentage of MSOME class I sperms and leads to a drastic improvement in sperm motility as well as in total sperm count.

Considering the relationship between semen quality on the one hand and reactive oxygen species on the other, the observed changes in the sperm parameters show that a antioxidative and micronutrient supplementation with a long-term approach has a remarkable benefit for patients having impaired sperm parameters.

Barbara Wirleitner, Pierre Vanderzwalmen, Astrid Stecher, Dietmar Spitzer, Maximilian Schuff, Delf Schwerda, Magnus Bach, Birgit Schechinger, and Nicolas Herbert Zech. Dietary Supplementation of Antioxidants Improves Semen Quality of IVF Patients in Terms of Motility, Sperm Count, and Nuclear Vacuolization. Int. J. Vitam. Nutr. Res., 82 (6), 2012, 391 – 398

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