Written by Ute Schechinger

The term „sepia“ refers to the dried secretion of the cuttlefish. These molluscs inhabit the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and North Sea.

Sepia is one of the major homoeopathic remedies for women. It is often used when women experience absent menstruations, endometriosis, are planning for pregnancy or undergo menopause. Usually, it is used long-term at a potency of D12.

When choosing sepia for therapy it is crucial that it not only fits these symptoms, but also the personality of the patient. A typical “sepia” personality is athletic, masculine,
emotionally cold and distant, easily overwhelmed and irritable. Changes in the weather, cold and the time before and during menstruation worsen symptoms. Exercise and fresh air improve them.

If you feel that sepia might be a good choice for you, I recommend to see an experienced homeopath. A detailed examination of your history regarding your physical, mental and emotional state will reveal suitability.

Homöopathisches Repetitorium der DHU (German)

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Mrs Ute Schechinger is a German pharmacist with specializations in community-pharmacy, homeopathy and natural medicine.

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