Common sense tells us that what we eat and how we live affects our health and wellbeing. According to novel research, it is also crucial for healthy conception and pregnancy.

Not only does a healthy lifestyle contribute to healthcare for the future child from the very beginning, it also helps to avoid fertility problems: according to insights from the American Nurses’ Health Study, the vast majority of cases of infertility associated with ovulation disorders can be attributed to poor diet, inactivity, and overweight. On the other hand, changes in lifestyle and nutrition, amended by supplementation of certain micronutrients, can make a major difference and considerably improve your chances of getting pregnant!
A fertility diet consists of a healthy and well-balanced diet with special emphasize on certain foods that have been found to benefit healthy conception and pregnancy, while at the same time cutting out on foods that may impact your fertility negatively.

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About the author

Dr. rer. nat. Birgit Wogatzky

For many years now, biologist and nutritionist Dr Birgit Wogatzky, has been focusing on the special needs of fertility patients. For the readers of this blog, she sums up interesting novel information and developments from current research projects regarding lifestyle and nutrition of fertility patients.


  • yes it is very important to know that proper intake of food in pregnancy. the proper diet is very important. Also The Proper consultation of doctor during this time period is mandatory. Thank you

    • You are so correct. So many insensitive doctors out here. Truth is. and what has been my journey to success is detoxing heavy metals and ridding the body of viruses such as Epstein Barr, and others which is what is causing most of the infertility in women. Anthony William and his team of medical intuitive practitioners helped me to my success after failed IVF ad other insane fertility treatments that kill hope. No corn, soy, dairy, eggs, which feed the viruses causing infertility and other illnesses are a part of this problem. Also wheat and gluten products and most meat, especially pork should be avoided. Organic as much as possible as well.

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