Homoeopathy and the desire for children

Written by Ute Schechinger

Homoeopathy is well known and established as a gentle and harmless therapeutic option, but can it help with the (unfullfilled) desire for children as well?
Various studies conducted at the outpatient department of the gynecological clinic of the University of Heidelberg / Germany, that have been supported by the Carstens-foundation (www.cartsens-stiftung.de/artikel/homoeopathie-bei-weiblichen-fruchtbarkeitsstoerungen.html) show, that homoeopathy can indeed be helpful in female fertility patients. Compared to conventional therapy, it is less stressfull and hardly ever accompanied by side effects.
A homoeopathic treatment is a time-demanding and highly individual therapy. During treatment, the homoeopathic drug best suitable may change various times. Therefore, you should always make sure to find an experienced homoeopathic expert.
However, one thing applies to every homoeopathic treatment: the way of taking the medication and certain behavioral rules during therapy.
Homoeopathic drugs are usually taken either 10 minutes before or after a meal, in some cases also between meals or before sleeping.
Tablets and globules melt in one’s mouth, drops are taken with water. Globules and drops are suitable for persons with lactose intolerance. Tablets contain lactose.
Metal spoons are to be avoided for taking the homoeopathic products.
The essential oil of peppermint may impair the effect of homoeopathic drugs and ist o be avoided during therapy. Please make sure you use tooth paste and mouthwash free of peppermint.
Meanwhile, the recommendations for coffee are less strict, however, there should be time gap between coffee consumption and taking your homoeopathic medicine.
Would you like to learn more? Please come and visit this blog again, I will present homoeopathic drugs improving fertility in regular intervals!

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Ute Schechinger

Mrs Ute Schechinger is a German pharmacist with specializations in community-pharmacy, homeopathy and natural medicine.

She is based in Mannheim / Germany and is co-owner of popular “Luftschiff Apotheke” in Mannheim www.luftschiff-apotheke.de

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