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Today, let’s talk about another important homeopathic remedy for women: Pulsatilla.
Pulsatilla pratensis, the small pasqueflower, is a herbaceous plant belonging to the crowfoot family (Ranunculaceae). It grows in Western and Central Europe, however its population is considered vulnerable.
The homeopathic remedy is extracted during the blooming period. Just like sepia, pulsatilla is used in compliance with the patient’s personality for symptoms such as irregular cycles, missing periods, premenstrual syndrome, anovulation and when wishing for a child.

The typical pulsatilla patient is feminine and curvy, often fair, gentle, shy and emotional. Moody, the pulsatilla personality is prone to melancholia and weepiness.
Care and comfort can improve the mood. Typically, the health problems show a big variety and alteration: the issues often worsen in the evening, prior to, and during menstruation, and if it is hot. Comfort, fresh air and outdoor exercise usually lead to an improvement.

Just like sepia, use of pulsatilla should be advised by an experienced homeopath after thourough examination.

Homöopathisches Repetitorium der DHU (German)

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