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Okoubaka is a frequently used ingredient for homeopathic remedies, mostly in the dilutions d3 to d6. For men and women planning for pregnancy, it is useful prior to conception as an important remedy for bowel cleanse and detoxification.
The Okoubaka tree (scientific: Okoubaka aubrevillei) is a 30 m high tree from West Africa that belongs to the family of sandalwoods (santalaceae). Traditionally, the indigenous people of West Africa used its pulverized bark as a remedy against poisoning.
In homeopathy, Okoubaka is mainly used for gastrointestinal indications. In addition to acute infections, it is beneficial for detoxification, as for example during dental rehabilitation (amalgam). Here, it is used in d6 with 3×5 globules being taken for 3 consecutive weeks, followed by one week without homoepathic treatment. If necessary, more than one treatment cycle can be applied. Also, during treatment with antibiotics, Okoubaka makes for an ideal amendment, minimizing side effects such as diarrhea. Taken 3 days before travelling (3×5 globules), it helps to get used to unusual food as well.
And later, once your baby has been born, the remedy can be very helpful as well: indigestion can be treated with 3 x 1 globule. When the baby has trouble with new food during the time when it first gets something else other than breast milk, this can prove an excellent support!

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